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Adriano Freire
Adriano Freire

Adriano Freire is the President of STRAT&EGOS Institute, having led consulting and training projects in strategy and organizational development for multinationals and large and medium-sized companies in many countries.

With a PhD in Management (Tokyo, Japan), Adriano Freire is also a Professor at the Catholic University of Portugal and The Lisbon MBA, where he received the Best Professor award multiple times.

Adriano Freire is also a guest speaker at national and international conferences and author of several bestsellers on Strategy, Innovation and Organizational Development.

In the professional context, Adriano Freire is positioned in the ES and EG quadrants of the EGOS Map.


STRAT&EGOS Institute collaborates with different types of Partners to enrich the Strategy Community:

  • Organizations: associations, companies, consultants and other institutions
  • Teachers: teachers of higher education courses and executive training programs
  • Students: students of higher education courses and executive training programs
  • Individuals: leaders, managers, executives and others interested in strategy
Sustainable Value Creation

With the support of STRAT&EGOS Institute and its Partners, companies are able to create more sustainable value for their Customers, Shareholders and other Stakeholders.

In fact, innovative consultancy and training methodologies make it possible to fully integrate strategy (STRAT) and people (EGOS), ensuring that company leaders and employees are fully prepared to:

    • Boost sales growth
    • Strengthen margin
    • Reduce risk
    • Improve sustainability

$$\text{Sustainable Value} ={SL \times (1 + G)^t \times {M\over R} \times SU}$$

In this way, companies in traditional and digital businesses can quickly achieve quantifiable results.


Support to the strategy formulation and execution by the leaders and staff of organizations

Training & Coaching
Training and Coaching

Strengthening of strategy and leadership competencies to create more sustainable value

Reports EGOS
EGOS Reports

Personality mapping of the leaders, teams and employees of organizations

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STRAT&EGOS Institute shares several types of Resources on strategy and people: strategic reports, Word, Excel and Powerpoint files, videos, articles, cases, useful sites, etc.